Our Board

The CRC operates as a subsidiary of ARCC and as such forms part of a Group structure. The ARCC Board is the Corporate Parent where strategic discussions and decisions are made. Along with all of the Partners within ARCC, the CRC is a member of this Board. Within this structure, there are also audit and remuneration committees which meet to consider factors impacting the whole Group.

The CRC also has a Management Board made up of the members from the CRC and ARCC. This Board is tasked with performance and management overview of the CRC.

The Members of the CRC are Board are:

  • Mike Maiden - Chairman
  • John Graham - Acting Chief Executive
  • Alison Thompson - Director of Finance
  • Sir Peter Vardy - Non-Executive Director
  • Christine Smith - Non-Executive Director
  • Joanne Hodgkinson - Non-Executive Director


Updated on Monday April 20, 2020.