Peer Mentors

Within DTV CRC we recognise the valuable contribution that Peer Mentor support can contribute to helping participants take responsibility for their actions and make a positive step towards turning away from re-offending. Peer Mentors are participants in the latter part of their order, who have made a positive start to turning their own lives around, they understand the criminal justice system and can provide help and support to other participants to overcome some of the challenges they face when trying to desist from crime. Peer Mentors are highly committed and well supported individuals who can relate to others going through similar experiences, they can increase offender engagement with services we provide are an effective role model to others - demonstrating that people really can change!

Providing peer role models and support systems has an important contribution to make in helping to turn participants lives around. Peer Mentor support can be critical to reduce re-offending, especially at key stages of a participants journey, such as release from custody when individuals are vulnerable to relapse.

At DTV CRC, we are committed to integrating Peer Mentors as positive role models at every stage of a participants progression through the Criminal Justice System

All Peer Mentors have defined roles and reponsibilities, supported be a programme of training and development. Peer Mentors support the work of probation practitioners to help engage participants in a range of services, specific to individual needs.

Here's what some of our Peer Mentors have to say........

"I am really enjoying encouraging others and trying to help them take positive steps forward. A Peer Mentor helped me turn my life around, for that I will be eternally grateful and hope I can help others in the same way."

"I would like to give something back and try to make a positive difference to someone else's life."

"I try to help people who have been through similar situations overcome some of the obstacles related to housing, benefits, jobs and maintaining family contacts. I hope I provide support and help others re-build their lives"


Updated on Tuesday July 28, 2015.