Rehabilitation Activity Requirement

The Rehabilitation Activity Requirement (RAR) was introduced by the Offender Rehabilitation Act 2014. It is a single new requirement that the court can include as part of a participants Community Sentence. The court when allocating a RAR is not prescriptive in what the participant must do but will specify a maximum number of activity days the participant must complete. The participants Responsible Officer will decide the activities the participant is required to attend based on individual need and creating a safer community.

The RAR is designed to allow flexibility of what services/interventions we can choose to deliver to participants. Using innovative and rehabilitative approaches we can address the individuals needs and change the pattern of offending behaviour and issues that lead to this. Engaging with partnership agencies, volunteers and their Reponsible Officer activities in the RAR can include, addressing Housing issues, Finances, Health and Wellbeing, engaging with the local community through Social Action projects and many more.


Updated on Tuesday July 14, 2015.