Every person who receives a custodial sentence (prison sentence) is released from custody on licence. The aims of the licence period are to:

  • Protect the Public
  • Prevent Re-Offending
  • Successfully re-integrate the participant into the community

The licence has a set of conditions attached to it which the participant must adhere to or they may be recalled back to custody to serve the rest of their sentence in prison. Every participant is released with statutory conditions to the licence and the Responsible Officer must monitor and enforce these. The statutory conditions are:

  • Not to commit any offence
  • Be well behaved and not do anything to undermine the purposes of your supervision/aims of the licence
  • Keep in touch with Responsible Officer
  • Receive visits from Responsible Officer in accordance with instructions given
  • Reside permanently at an address approved by the Responsible Officer and seek permission from them to change this
  • Not to undertake particular types of work unless approved by Responsible Officer
  • Not to travel outside the UK

In some circumstances where the Responsible Officer assesses that the standard conditions are not sufficient to assist the participants in meeting the aims of the licence then additional conditions can be considered on top of the standard conditions. The Responsible Officer in consultation with their manager can request an additional condition if they believe it is necessary and proportionate to manage the participant's risk.

Following the period on licence the participant will then be subject to a period of post sentence supervision to encourage their rehabilitation in the community. During the post sentence supervision the participant must adhere to the same conditions as above but also participate in activities as instructed by the Responsible Officer.

If participants do not comply with any requirement of their supervision then they can be summoned to appear before a court who can order a short custodial sentence or impose further requirements such as Unpaid Work or Electronic Monitoring.


Updated on Sunday July 29, 2018.